Padraig Downey sand & gravel & decorative stone

Welcome to Padraig Downey Sand & Gravel & Decorative Stone

Padraig sells sand and gravel, broken stone and all types of aggregate. He specialises and offers the best in coloured stones and chippings. His ornate and unique decorative pebbles and chippings are available in sizes 14 mm and 20mm. Ideal for flower beds, garden displays, rockeries and driveways. Full colours such as Purple, Light Green and Gold. These coloured stones and chippings will eliminate the need for garden weeding.

Tipper Lorry

available for

hire 1 tonne to 20 tonne

Our Services

Sales of Delivery of:

  • Broken stone
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Topsoil
  • Drainage stone
  • All types of aggregate
  • Coloured Stone
  • Decorative Chippings
  • Pebbles 
  • Plant Waste/804